Hyma Plastic provides the Infrastructure & Construction industries with some of the finest PE films to suit many different situations. Our Vapour barriers are used in Europe and many other countries, while our warning tapes are used across the globe.

Our INCO products are guaranteed to fulfill construction requirements for our customers around the world, no matter the conditions or the intensity of use.



Construction Films

Discover construction films manufactured from the finest LDPE resins that can be used as shield covers and much more.

Vapour Barriers

INCO Vapour Barrier films are specially designed polyethylene membrane that acts as both an insulation layer and a vapour barrier.

Transparent PE Films

Engineered for exceptional transparency and durability, our films provide a crystal-clear view while ensuring robust protection against the elements.

Pipe Sleeves

Pipe sleeves are tubular films made of low-density polyethylene. They are slipped over and fitted to a pipe at the time of laying for an easy, durable & cost effective insulant.

Warning Tapes

Whether you need to ensure the safety of your crew or the public, our polyethylene warning tapes are a cost-effective and reliable solution.