AGRI is a specialized brand of products that have been developed based on over 45 years of experience in the Agriculture market. All over the world, AGRI products are used daily to grow, control & water vegetation & plants in farms that delivery consumer products across the globe.

From durable mulch films that conserve moisture and suppress weeds to specialized greenhouse films creating an optimal microclimate for crops, our agricultural solutions cater to the unique needs of modern farming.

Top Of The Line Greenhouses

Best In The Field.

Experience the difference with our top-quality Greenhouse films, ensuring your plants get the best care they deserve.

Innovative Grape Solutions

Better Growth, Better Yield.

Invest in the reliability and quality of our grape cover polyethylene films for a more resilient and prosperous vineyard.

Low Tunnels

Controlling The Environment.

Shield your crops from frost and harsh weather conditions while maintaining optimal temperature and humidity levels.

Sustainable Mulch Products

Weed Protection & More.

Say goodbye to tedious weeding and excessive watering and hello to a more efficient, sustainable way of nurturing your crops.

Silage Films

Preserve Your Goods.

Invest in the assurance of top-tier silage preservation for healthier livestock and improved farm efficiency.

Solarization Solutions

Working With The Sun.

Enhance your agricultural practices with our cutting-edge solarization polyethylene films.

Banana Bags

Preserving & Protecting

Elevate your banana farming game with our innovative and durable films, designed to secure a prosperous harvest and maximize your profits.

Drip Irrigation Solutions

Watering Done Sustainably.

Crafted with precision and durability in mind, our hoses deliver precise water distribution directly to the root zones of your plants.


Sturdy & Reliable.

Whether for agricultural, residential or commercial applications, these pipes offer peace of mind, knowing that your plumbing system is built on quality and performance.

Solutions to keep your mind at ease

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