Thanks to over 45 years of expertise and innovation, Hyma provides packaging solutions that maximize performance and lifetime. We design and produce different products in both industrial and flexible packaging.

No matter what your packaging needs may be, you can be assured that Hyma Plastic PACK has you covered.



Heavy Duty Sacks

Choose confidence, choose resilience – opt for our Heavy Duty Sacks and experience packaging strength that stands up to the challenge.

Sustainable Shrink Wrap

Elevate your packaging efficiency with our Polyethylene Shrink Wrap, a cutting-edge solution for secure and visually appealing product presentation.

Form Fill & Seal Films - FFS

Whether you're packaging powders, granules, or liquids, our Polyethylene FFS system ensures consistent and reliable packaging, optimizing production efficiency and reducing waste.

Flexible PE Films

With superior clarity and puncture resistance, these films enhance the visibility and integrity of your packaged items.

Lamination Films

Whether you're in the food industry, pharmaceuticals, or any sector requiring secure and durable packaging, our Polyethylene Lamination Films offer a reliable solution.

Shopping & Commercial Bags

Experience convenience and sustainability with our Polyethylene Shopping Bags – the perfect blend of strength, versatility, and eco-friendliness.

Fruit Bags

The high-quality polyethylene material ensures resilience against handling and environmental factors, maintaining the freshness and appeal of your fruits.

Shrink Hoods

With superior strength and clarity, our Shrink Hoods not only protect but also enhance the presentation of your products.

Stretch Hoods

Revolutionize your pallet packaging with our Stretch Hoods, an advanced solution designed for unmatched load stability and protection.

Specialized Waste Bags

Whether you're dealing with hazardous medical waste or acting sustainably through recycling, our specialized waste bags offer a versatile and dependable choice.

Heavy Duty Waste Bags

Whether handling industrial waste, construction debris, or other heavy loads, our Heavy Duty Polyethylene Waste Bags provide a secure and dependable solution.

Release Film

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our release films provide a smooth and efficient surface for various industrial applications.

Drum Liners

Engineered for durability and flexibility, these liners provide an extra layer of protection for your valuable liquids and materials.

Stable Cardboard Cores

Elevate your winding and packaging operations with our high-quality Cardboard Cores, the backbone of efficiency and reliability.

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