Heavy Duty Waste Bags

Elevate your waste management with our Heavy Duty Waste Bags – the solution for businesses and individuals seeking reliable, durable, and sustainable waste containment.

PACK Waste Bags

Crafted from recycled or environmentally friendly materials, these bags combine strength with sustainability. Ideal for businesses and individuals committed to reducing their ecological footprint, our Heavy Duty Waste Bags offer a green solution to waste management, providing durability while prioritizing the health of our planet.

The Waste Story

With an emphasis on recycling and sustainable materials, Ou rwaste bags further support environmental initiatives, fostering a cleaner and healthier planet. As an integral part of daily waste management routines, these bags empower individuals and communities to actively participate in mitigating the challenges posed by the global waste crisis.

PACK Waste Bags Variations

Discover a spectrum of possibilities with our varied range of Heavy Duty Waste Bags, tailored to meet the diverse needs of the modern world.




Our Efficient heavy-duty PE waste bags offer a balanced blend of performance and versatility. Suited for a wide range of industries, these bags provide dependable strength without compromising on quality.

Ideal for hotels, clubs, and businesses committed to sustainability, these bags are crafted from recycled materials to combine environmental responsibility with reliable strength, ensuring waste disposal aligns with your green initiatives.

For those who demand the pinnacle of quality, our Premium heavy-duty PE waste bags redefine excellence. Tailored for upscale establishments like high-end hotels and exclusive clubs, these bags prioritize strength, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal.

Pack Waste Bags

Technical Specifications



Optional Extras


25 microns

40 centimeters



150 micron

120 centimeters


Dual Colour

Choose our Heavy Duty waste bags tailored to your unique needs – whether you prioritize sustainability, versatility, or demand the highest quality.