Stretch Hoods

Introducing our Stretch Hoods, crafted from flexible polyethylene, they are indispensable for experienced buyers seeking a versatile and quality-effective solution.

PACK Stretch Hoods

The adaptability of our Stretch Hoods to various industries, including construction, chemicals, and logistics, stems from their ability to securely encapsulate irregularly shaped loads and delicate products. Moreover, the consistent thickness and material integrity of our Stretch Hoods offer a reliable barrier, minimizing the risk of damage and optimizing the overall efficiency of the packaging process

The Shipping Story

In the realm of shipping products overseas, the significance of our Stretch Hoods becomes pronounced. The technical advantages of these hoods, characterized by robust elasticity and tensile strength, play a pivotal role in securing and stabilizing palletized loads during the rigors of international transit.

Pack Stretch Hoods

Technical Specifications



Optional Extras



100 microns

250 centimeters



150 micron

400 centimeters



With a proven track record, Our Stretch Hoods stand as a reliable choice for seasoned professionals across diverse industries, guaranteeing effective protection and stability in the supply chain.